The formula to spin the slots to make money is not like any other

Then start counting one over until you win again. Once the prize has been entered, start counting the next spin as a new one. By doing this in this manner, repeat ten rounds or fifteen rounds to re-check the slot game that you choose to play. Fixed reward At first you may find it difficult and confusing, but trust me, this method will give you a good chance of winning.

Bringing the Rhythm of Spins into Rewards Let’s analyze and compare to see if each time the award is similar or not When the next spin, you catch the beat again. As soon as it’s close, you will reach the point where you will enter the special prize. Let you increase your bet to one or two times immediately. Do this. Guarantee that you are rich, rich! not

Increasing the bet using the spin formula, slots make money, in addition to making winning bets with a higher amount of money, it also accelerates the winnings more easily and quickly. However, you have to look at the suitability and rhythm as well, because if you only think about increasing the bet, but don’t know the timing of the bet That doesn’t help you win. Online slots games are definitely

for the highlight of online slots spinning. We would like to share for players to see a clear picture together, which is detailed. as shown below

– It’s an easy-to-understand formula. But will need to focus on practice to make the slots spin more confident. together with

– All players can use The formula to spin the slots together with the technique of making money To enable you to maintain your profits and capital as well.

-Able to manipulate or adapt to different situations to help you. How to make money from betting?

Making money from slot bets is not difficult. We believe that if you have these formulas to play Take them into the game as well. Playing slots, will not be difficult for you for sure, so anyone who is looking for a good formula to play, try to apply these formulas to use.

Slots are known as another game. The most popular to the most is one the casino games. that the gambler Chooses to make bets to make fun and collect income together back out, which we have to say This type of betting game is not as difficult as you think,

many newbies can come and play their skills freely. Just study and follow the formulas or techniques that we offer. by slot games which can be played through a mobile phone Can play anywhere, play 24 hours a day.

The latest money-making slots formula 2022

1. Focus on choosing short games.

New players who are new to playing SLOT games for the first time will have questions. short slot game What kind of game is it and how is it good for making a profit in gambling? Which has to be said that short slot games are fast-paced and often rewarding for the player’s wagering. More than a slot game with a long game image. The slower the game play the more you pay, the lower the payout. Simple, old-fashioned 3-reel slot games play as fast as many rounds per hour. according to experience There is a chance to make more money, so if you want to make more profits in playing slots games You have to choose a game that ends quickly. To bet mainly

2. Small capital, avoid progressive jackpots.

If you have low capital to play SLOT games, avoid progressive slots games. because even though it has a pretty pay rate is a bait for players but let me tell you that to get those prizes to win It’s even harder than your chances of winning the government’s 1st prize lottery. By paying the prize of this slot It will be a jackpot prize as a cumulative prize. from the player’s bet who came to bet on that game by deducting a small percentage of the bet to accumulate a pot for giving out lucky winners, the jackpot distribution is randomly selected. provided that the player must place the maximum bet in which round is the highest bet? will have the right to win such jackpot prizes but gamblers recommend avoiding jackpot games. Although the payment may seem reasonable but a very high capital increase Players should make sure that have enough stakes to bet maximum to get a chance to win big jackpot prizes.

3. Do not bet the maximum every time you play.

Many people may think that the maximum bet. every time you play It creates a chance to win in gambling. But in fact, that principle It’s a terribly wrong idea. because the highest bet It’s not always the way to get rich, especially the SLOT game that takes time to pay off. The more difficult it is for you to overcome the first time. That starts spinning, so bets should start with the right amount. and look for a chance to increase the bet to create profits in playing for yourself That way it will benefit you’re playing the most

4. Don’t ditch the reward review.

Before playing online slots games every time No matter what kind of game Players should check the payouts in the game carefully. how it pays and has anyone ever won a prize for playing that game or not? Whether it’s jackpot prizes, bonus prizes and more, check these before betting. This is another guarantee. that the game we choose to play Will create profits in playing for us as well, so every time before choosing a slot game to bet You’ll also need to study the payouts.

and all this is Formula to make money in SLOT games that are challenging to try that you have to try and use it yourself. We believe that if you can follow these formulas you will succeed in order to make a profit in online slots games, of course. In fact, besides the 4 winning formulas that we recommend There are many more winning formulas. that we want to challenge the players Try using it in online slots games. But it will bring those winning formulas to inform next time.

The origin of the online gambling website

if thinking of online casinos, many people probably have a memory or what comes up in their head about the risk of course. Risk both activities that play within the web. The whole website is at risk of how reliable it is for us to leave a ghost to use the service. Because the money that we will deposit into playing casino games with the web or other gambling is not a small amount at all, even depositing with the bank, we still choose and choose again, is it right? And in addition to the stability of the way of playing, there must be other things to consider as well, whether the game is available to play, it must be a variety of monotonous and fun media games. It’s not a game that doesn’t know easily. There is no standard at all.

A good online casino must be able to meet this requirement and the standard of being a good online casino and not just having financial stability. and a variety of games, fun and standard Still have to maintain a level of service to impress customers. including technology that must be advanced and stable play and transparent along with the subject of another promotion That is a tool to help in attracting good customers of online casinos. There are actually many more details on how to be a good online casino website,

and all that for a standard online casino website, we would recommend it. casino online. Because of all the standards we have mentioned, casino online can make those standards come true. Anyone who is looking for a gambling website to use one of these websites has to say that this website is very suitable for all needs.

What makes an online casino that has been recognized internationally,

casino online, whether it provides any form of service, lottery, boxing, various sports or the matter of casino games. Something that must be simple is fun, stable, a lot of games, not monotonous, there are staff to solve problems or consult at any time in the Call center system 24 hours a day, and most importantly, the matter of playing must be stable, 100% safe, can be deposited and withdrawn anytime 24 hours, takes no more than 2-5 minutes for deposits and withdrawals, or may include the form of a website that must look modern, beautiful, easy to use All of these are the reasons why online casinos are the most recognized and talked about website for real gamblers. But what other details does he have? Let’s go see.

Tips for playing casino games that work

1. Look at the game rhythm in each game that you want to post.

casino tips Find the rhythm of the game you’re watching. Some games require a certain amount of time to play, you may need to see first whether the timing is good or not, such as playing baccarat games. Place bets in the beginning At baccarat, the cards have not been revealed yet, not more than 10 eyes, it will be difficult to see the cards. making bets that cannot be bet and get money for sure

2. Use small bets, don’t be greedy.

all bets Although there is a high probability that you will bet and win in the first turn. But what we do not recommend at all is to invest a lot at once. to hope for a profit back If you place a lot of bets While you have a small bet balance. Maybe the main reason why you run out of money to bet ever.

3. Calm down with every game

This is related to the previous one, and if you are impatient, impatient may cause you. Placing bets in large increments makes your casino game bets run out of money quickly. Therefore, playing should not be impatient, should be comfortable. and then place small bets to protect your money from running out. This is another casino tip. that many people overlook

4. Study the game well.

Therefore, you must choose to study casino techniques. Well before placing bets in each game that there are bets. And how can we find a profitable period? So you can make a profit for yourself, whether it’s studying the rules of play. or even study the mechanics of the game It will help you make a profit from playing quite a lot.

5. Use the Play Trial section to your advantage.

Try playing for your bettors. which using this experimental system This is a very good thing because it will make your bets more effective. Most importantly, you will gain experience before placing real bets. Give your bets a try. before and make various rhythms Either using the formula that the master gave or using the principle of various money walks This trial system will help you a lot.

Advantages of slots that gamblers must know part 1

Slot games are just old wooden game cabinets through various eras from the cycle era. to the computer era to the internet age Online slot machines have undergone so many changes and developments that the first generation did not even expect it to reach this point. From single playrooms to games on computer screens and mobile devices

fans of slot games have probably seen the development of slot games since their inception. And how has technology brought progress and fun to slot games? Today’s online slots games can be played on the internet from anywhere. No need to go to the casino or turn on the computer. Because some online slots games can be played online via mobile phones.

In addition to the advanced technology, the entertainment of online slots games has also increased, thanks to these technologies, online slots games are becoming more and more popular these days. There is no other casino site that does not have online slots games. Make online casinos more colorful and attractive.

Today’s online slot machines offer all kinds of entertainment. Whether it’s adding animations, videos and interesting gameplay. Many varieties to meet the needs and interests of all kinds of people. There is also a free game mode that allows people to try free slots games without spending a cent.

Today we will introduce the advantages of online slots games and let everyone know why online slots games are so popular.

1. You can choose the minimum bet amount.

betflix slot gambling is very diverse. as I have said So there are a lot of changes in the minimum bets. There are different types of gambling games in online slots games in different online casinos. Some games can be played with small bets. This means that small bets mean that the risk of losing a large sum of money is reduced as well. Low-risk gameplay will allow you to easily control your money. In addition, this kind of gambling game still has a chance to win big prizes

Adjust 3 habits that have changed and profits in slots keep coming in.

For the success and happiness of playing online slots is something that you can create for yourself and what will help each player reach their dreams is to become a player. Good and within the scope of fit in every aspect. Of course, choosing a betting website is another thing for success in playing slots games and knowing that making slots will

affect profitability as well. That’s what besides the fact that players will have to try to create new habits to make your slots game as close as possible to success and the article we are going to introduce today is 3 Habits that you have changed. And then the profit of the slot keeps coming in.

  1. Keep the mistakes as a lesson. The first thing you’ll need to adjust is if you want it.
    Big profits in playing online slots allow you to take the mistakes that you find in the game or gambling as a lesson for further development, not to keep it as an emotion and stick with it until you can’t go out. they

    2. propensity planned to be common throughout the online slot games are easy to play and offers promotions ranging wait for you to make wagering bonus and if you are wondering how to make the turn. What are slots? You can read about our game reviews and articles menu. Having a plan that you always support will give you a unique style of

playing slots clearly and when you know the tech. New nicks and systematic planning will bring your big bounty hunt closer to the finish line.

3. You can control your emotions. The last habit that you will need to adjust when playing online slots, whether it be slots or other slot games, is to keep your emotions in check and to stay conscious. However, it’s important to keep your emotions in check. If you’re active and wanting to continue playing unplanned, there’s always a

chance you’ll run out, so try to stay calm and keep your emotions under control. It will help you make more decisions and plan.

If you already know, you can quickly change these habits to come and make money in slot games through our website. I can tell you that the profits will definitely come in great numbers.

Leverage 3 advantages of playing roulette through online casinos

For this article, we will get to know Roulette. Roulette is another gambling game that has recently gained popularity among online casino players. But if you look back or try Studying the story of trainwreck well, we will find that this game has been popular among gamblers in the west for hundreds of years. And in addition, there is also

spreading influence to Asia, where our country has taken this game into online casinos for gamblers to try out, where we will take you to know the advantages of playing roulette. Through online casinos or what advantages does this roulette game have?

Why is it a game that is on the 1st page and is a popular game that users play comfortably.

Before we get into the advantages of playing roulette, the first thing you will need to know is what roulette game is, how to play it, and what kind of payouts can be made. Which is known as one of the online casino games that are played via live broadcasts where there will be a dinner where the ball spins the wheel to fall into the numbered

slots. The numbers in this game range from 0-36 numbers. divided into zones so that players can choose to bet more easily And if the ball falls into the numbered box that we bet on, we will be the winner of the bet from playing in that round immediately.

According to the payout scheme that the casino has set, the maximum payout is said to be 150 times the bet.

1. Win until the last minute For anyone who likes to play games with a chance to win until the last drop, we can recommend that this game definitely meets your needs for online viewing because it’s a game that will take you over there with the prize draw until the last moment, and as we Have previously informed that this game will have a

total of 37 numbers to bet on, plus the way to gamble, it still invites each other to win the most and this is the fun of online roulette is to win that the ball Know where and where the spin lander will land by indulging in every bouncing and bouncing stroke of the steel ball.

2. It’s a realistic game. Many people may think that playing online casino games has no way to provide the same filter as playing through the real Casino that sits in the casino. But let me tell you right here that this idea can’t really be applied to online roulette games because this game provides both realism in every aspect, possibly because

playing via live and roulette games will provide The atmosphere is as realistic as you are sitting in a big casino in the country. How do you create profits in different countries like that? How to play roulette games is to play through the live stream system that online casinos have given to foreign casinos. It will be played through the

screen, but I have to say that this atmosphere is very realistic. You don’t have to travel. Go out to play at the casino, you can play through the car mobile screen for both cost and travel time.

3. A stab at the throwing style. It is another thing that many people probably know that roulette is a game of chance from throwing a small ball or a small ball to fall into the wheel and after that have to wait to see whether the small ball or the ball will be. Ok, where is the set of numbers? So in Dinner’s toss, there are steps to help you predict

the game’s exit. Which is special here that you may not be able to meet other online criteria. Having said that, this is another advantage of playing online casino games that come in the form of observing behavior. The dinner throws are available that day to allow you to easily win the bets.

Online roulette is another type of online casino game that has an interesting way of playing. And can also bet through standard online casinos 24 hours a day. If any player who is bored of spinning online slots or bored of guessing card games in various forms,

then you can try playing this game in online casinos. All the time, you will be guaranteed to have fun and something new and different for sure.

Newbies learning to play baccarat online must read.

For how to play baccarat online that newbies must read before playing baccarat online, first, newbies must understand how to play, formulas, meeting techniques, and study the origins of baccarat games in detail to lead Apply to suit the style of play in that game, including various playing situations that you may encounter during the game,

which will help playing baccarat can help make money from playing. that’s more easy Studying and getting to know the game of Baccarat before you play it is another important step that will make you play Baccarat easily. Play Baccarat for you to study and I can assure you that the basic information that we bring in this article will

definitely help you understand playing baccarat one step further. In which ways to play baccarat online for newbies that we have brought together, there are 5 methods

Method 1, before you play baccarat online, the player must have to select a website to play baccarat first, which at present has a variety of websites to choose from and each website. Each has different bonuses and promotions that are not the same when choosing a website. Should choose a website that is reliable and popular with a large

number of players, and the important thing is that it has to be very safe to play and the website must have a stable financial base to make your play. The opportunity to earn more money is easier enough.

Method 2, when choosing a website, you can apply for membership to play first, and if anyone has a website to play baccarat online, you can log in to play baccarat online right away.

Method 3, after logging in successfully, in order to play a professional baccarat game for new players, you will need to choose a room to play in. Each baccarat room has different difficulty. You can choose to bet according to your individual needs and if you

are a newbie you should choose a basic room first in order to make your playing at the beginning have more chances to win.

Method 4, choose a betting room and talk, you should bet immediately or if anyone is still unsure or not confident in playing, you can see the format of playing before playing for real. If you like it, you go down. Bet right away or if you don’t like it you can change rooms as well.

Method 5: Always remember that Baccarat bets have 2 ways to choose from 2 types of play, that is, normal online play style or Real Time play straight from the casino. But no matter what it is, you can bet at any time, in which, before betting, the player can choose between 3 types of bets, namely the player’s side, the tie and the banker. Play

will have to pay commission every time ufabet Techniques to make money, you bet and win. After you have made a bet, the game is over, the system will immediately summarize the result of losing and winning and after that you can choose a new bet immediately.

Playing online casinos or playing baccarat online through that website, when you select a properly registered casino website, you can play baccarat online safely and even more money transfer services. That will make you more confident in playing as well as the financial stability of the website will make you more confident in playing for online

gambling formats, you can invest less and Make a lot of profits, we recommend you to play online slots, new and unique slots, online baccarat that will make you more profitable. No need for regular work, you can bet a minimum of ten digits. Sign up today and receive a free 50 percent bonus.

Do online advertising, be careful! This 2021, the online advertising tax is here.

For many, August 2021 may have been a normal month. But for those who are already active in the online marketing industry, last August was a very hot and cold month when Facebook prepared for all Facebook Ads users to pay online advertising tax from date. From September 1, 2021 onwards, it will be charged as VAT 7% or simply said,

from now on, if you plan to make advertising costs with Facebook, you must also calculate the tax. which in some cases or some accounts The increase in taxes also increases the cost of advertising. which if any entrepreneur or advertising shooter does not know the root cause Or not sure how this Facebook tax came? And how to prepare

for tax filing? Today, we would like to explain and summarize every issue for everyone to understand easily.

Clear to understand! Where does the online advertising tax come from?

Of course, when Facebook tax comes up, many people may have 2 main questions: How does Facebook pay tax in Thailand? And advertising on other platforms will be taxed the same? We would like to split the answer into 2 issues as follows: How does

Facebook pay tax in Thailand?

Indeed, the reason Facebook made such an announcement was due to ‘Announcement of the e-Service Law’ that has been approved since 2020. This e-Service Law was created to be a tax law in the form of VAT to businesses that provide various types of electronic services. such as downloading various types of goods and services such as

music, movies, advertising materials and many others. However, the e-Service law also states that Businesses subject to this tax only need to have income from service in Thailand that exceeds 1.8 million baht per year only. which if this The Facebook

advertising platform itself is taxable. And there will also be a new change in Facebook ad spend in 2021.

Do advertising costs on other platforms include VAT?

As mentioned above, in terms of e-service laws, of course, other platforms such as Google, Line, TikTok, Netflix and other platforms that offer downloading and advertising media services will also be subject to online advertising tax in respect of This is also the case by collecting VAT in this section. In the case of Facebook, the system will charge

Facebook ads that do not include tax, but VAT will be charged separately from the advertising budget. The increase in taxes is like increasing the cost of advertising. Including entrepreneurs very much. In addition, the tax charge will also appear on all

accounts of advertising. Or open a new account to advertise, it is not possible to avoid this tax.

Check tax types before paying online advertising taxes.

Paying for online advertising taxes requires a thorough understanding of the differences and details of each type of tax. The tax may be affected by the tax in Thailand that Facebook will have 2 categories:

1. Value Added Tax or VAT

many may think. The tax increase will increase ad campaign costs by 7% and change the cost of 2021 Facebook ads. If any online advertiser has filed Por. 36 regularly or is a business that has registered VAT and has already filed Por. 36, they will not have to

pay additional online advertising tax. Because these accounts are already taxed to the state.

But in addition to paying taxes on a regular basis, we would also like to ask all advertisers to consider deduction before filing taxes. in general There are two types of deduction for tax filing expenses for VAT: fixed deduction and actual expense deduction. If it is a package, the additional expenses cannot be deducted from taxes.

However, if it is a deduction on actual expenses, it can be deducted when calculating tax only if it can be proven that these expenses are real and that ‘our name’ is required as the purchaser. Advertise with

2 tax

than VAT or value added tax as described above, provides a ‘tax’ that may be related to online advertising as well, therefore, to consider and prepare the sides. We also need to understand these types of taxes.

Corporate income tax is a tax specified by the Revenue Code for companies or juristic entities to pay tax. This is usually calculated from the total net profit incurred for 12 months. Certain types of expenses can also be deducted in corporate income tax calculations. These expenses must be expenses related to the business. and have evidence that the ‘company name’ is correct and clear

then when this How does corporate income tax relate to taxes on Facebook or other platforms? or juristic person We can provide proof of advertising to Facebook or other platforms as ‘company name’ expenses as proof of corporate income tax calculation.

How do I file this tax?

Once you understand the types of taxes that may be associated with online advertising taxes, Now let’s look at the process of preparing tax filings for Facebook and different platforms. We would like to make a detailed list for everyone to understand easily as follows:

1. Check the companies that advertise well.

If we use advertising services with companies registered to operate in Thailand We can request a full tax invoice to file a tax return. But if we buy or use advertising services with foreign companies We will have to pay VAT on behalf of the company we use the service with. which after paying online advertising tax in this section on behalf of


foreign companies We can also apply for a tax refund in this section with the Revenue Department.

2. Prepare documents for submission of P.P. 36.

when reading up to this point Many people may think that paying Facebook tax and advertising tax is nonsense, but we reiterate that it is important to fill out Phor Por 36 and pay taxes according to the law. Because in addition to not risking a retrospective

review, filing Phor Por 36 also helps us get some tax refunds. The process of filing P.P. 36 for tax refund is as follows:

Documents required

1. Receipt or proof of payment that is ‘our name’ or ‘company name’, which is named in this section. Varies according to the type of tax.

2. Form Phor Por 36 which can be downloaded from the website of the Revenue Department.

Procedure for filling out

1. Fill out the tax remittance information The information in this section will be our information and our business.

2. Complete the payment information for purchases of goods and services and specify ‘advertising costs’.

3. Fill in VAT based on the formula.

Finally, we hope that this information will help all business owners and online advertisers understand the online advertising tax and Facebook taxes and platforms. Make sure to keep this information. It is used to help our business adapt despite the changing circumstances.

Prepare a Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2022

As the end of 2021 is approaching, it is customary for Pages. to summarize the story of the past year The projected trend in the next year, on this occasion, so let’s talk about Social media Marketing we well overall for the market.

The main problem remains the COVID-19 crisis. that change online behavior and sparking new behaviors such as voice social media. E-commerce growth and new online connections Let’s take a look at the trends for next year.

Social media becomes part of daily life,

it should come as no surprise to say that social media has become indispensable to many people. whether for professional, social or entertainment reasons.

The platform’s statistics indicate that it’s not just the number of users that are growing. But the amount of time spent using them has also increased. According to Statista, the average person worldwide spends about 2 hours and 25 minutes a day on social media. while Thai people spend an average of 11 hours 25 minutes a day, or almost half a day online.

Therefore, marketers’ opportunities are not exhausted for the online world. There’s also a lot of room for new strategies.

Social media emerges as a shopping platform

in situations where people spend time at home. Make all activities geared towards the online world. including shopping through e-commerce platforms including social commerce

Social media platforms are aware of this change. Make every owner develop features and channels to support online merchants, whether Facebook and Instagram shops or TikTok, Twitter to be easily connected. and convenient payment methods

Brands that have seen improvements in this area. And being ready to adapt to the support of the platform will help reduce advertising costs, promotion, and increase revenue channels as well.

With the advent of social media audio (Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, Live Audio Rooms)

this year’s new social media presence is inevitable, Clubhouse, which complements the unique voice communication. can be connected in real time Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions or share experiences with the community immediately.

The early heat led big brothers like Facebook and Twitter to develop Live Audio Rooms and Twitter Spaces features to attract users to their own platforms.

Brand opportunities for voice communication can build relationships, awareness, and brand storytelling. Get intimate insights from your customers. And most importantly, get feedback from customers directly.

Shorter attention spans result in more bite-sized content

From statistical data, we see that more people are going online and spending more time on social media. But user behavior is more engaging and spending less time on each content. The results showed that the average content reading was only 8 seconds.

The platform’s algorithm also adapts in tandem with the behavior of short video content. Shorter messages tend to reach more users. It’s not that long content or videos isn’t good, but the system helps more word-sized content.

Content by customers is more reliable (Growing utilization of user-generated content)

In the social media era, customers trust their customers more than brand communication. which can be seen commonly on all platforms both food reviews cosmetic review Non-brand travel reviews (Because people nowadays can see)

User-Generated Content (UGC) has become a high-value content. Reliable and easy to access But brands don’t have to spend money on creating these content.

For UGC brand support it can be done by Open space for customer content, such as sharing reviews, allowing customers to share their experiences. Create hashtags for brands or products, etc.