Target audience with online business

• Know your target audience.

This part must not be forgotten. That we need to know who our customers are, who we are selling, what occupation, how old, and what income. will be able to sell directly to the group

But if anyone still can’t see Or still can’t figure out who our real customers are? such as mass products that can be used for all ages We still can’t predict what age people will be interested. And buy our products the most. The

method is for us to try to sell it for a while. when customers start to come in We will be able to narrow our target audience more narrowly. Next, we will be able to spread the target audience to more desired groups. No budget for advertising to non-customers.

• Promote and market.

Well, we have a website.

But are you wondering? How will the target audience we talked about before see our online store?

online sales Require that people see us and know us much more mainstream yet to make our website stuck on the Google homepage to me, it had to invest little by 2 ways to do SEO and advertising Google ads

many people. Frown about what SEO is investing in. It’s free, isn’t it?

Yes, it’s free, but this work requires some investment in labor and time. Slow but sure Once installed, we will stay for a long time. How to make our website addicted to SEO? Let’s try to read.

As for Google ads, of course, it’s known as Ads and it costs money.

It’s the fastest way to promote your website to sell stuff. And definitely get on the first page of Google. When making ads, we will get new customers immediately. No need to wait for the website to rank like SEO. But when we have more traffic coming in, our SEO will improve accordingly.

What if we can’t shoot ads?

Make Web Easy has a specialist in Google Ads advertising to consult with.

Try to advertise yourself There may be a lot of free clicks. It’s bad to shoot at the target audience. Even if you have to increase the budget to hire a specialist to help take care of the ads a bit. but has specialized specialists to take care of Manage advertising costs I feel comfortable again.

However Money alone is not enough. Don’t forget other elements. That will help the ads to be more effective as well. Advertising words or images used Can customers see and then decide to buy? There are interesting promotions at different times. Have a review for customers to see To build credibility with our website or not?

• It’s good to review.

The best thing that will motivate customers to buy our products is review.

Actual reviews can be used as photos, videos, or text. Notice how successful businesses are. Most of them will focus on reviews. because the product or service review will help build credibility To our business more, of course, the nature of the consumer. would buy from a reliable store And there are already a lot of people recommending it.